The world is messy.


Books don’t have to be.




I’m John Ewing.

Making books—or any text—as close to perfect as possible has been my work for over twenty years.

Perfection is not some arbitrary standard.

It’s achieved in realizing the highest vision for a project, conceived collectively by an author, designer, editorial team, and institution.

A book is perfect when all elements are in harmony and in proportion, with nothing to distract from their combined effect.

There’s no greater pleasure than polishing a text till it shines, rooting out grammatical errors, and eliminating visual distractions that affect the impression your book will make in the world.


Let’s make better books together.



As a writer and editor based in New York and Texas, I’ve worked with a wide range of institutions and publications, including

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

Freedom House


Modern Painters and ArtNexus

Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland

Museum of the City of New York

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

New York Restoration Project

Southwest School of Art

Whitney Museum of American Art

Yale Center for British Art


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photos by timothy anderson

Photos by Timothy Anderson