I’ve always been enthralled by visual storytelling.

The principles of composition and editing can be applied to the moving image, theater, and book design alike.

In college, I studied film criticism and production. I’ve tinkered with video ever since.

Trinity University

University of Texas

Made in the predigital age, most of my film work—shot on 16 mm and edited by hand—was lost to time and the elements. The video work survived.

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Manhattan Neighborhood Network

In the mid-2000s, I was a public-access TV producer in New York.

I loved taking a video camera to Central Park to capture nature, wildlife, and people.

These videos were edited to music using Apple’s Final Cut Pro software. Thanks to the Austin-based band The Distant Seconds.



To promote my children’s books online, I produced weekly video clips celebrating the borough of Queens—especially my neighborhood, Astoria.