Living in the global community of Queens, New York, inspired me to create QueensBooks.NYC in 2015.

Over the next two years, I wrote and designed three children’s books that celebrate NYC and cultural diversity.


Tap covers for photos and videos.


2017 iBA Awards

Winner - Best Book, Education (School Activities)

Finalist - Best Children's Book

Finalist - Best Inclusive Design in a Multi-Touch Book

Finalist - Best Exhibit or Event Companion

Look, listen, and learn about NYC’s many cultural traditions—Chinese, Indo-Caribbean, Jewish, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and more—month by month

Dragon Boats in August features bold graphic design with vivid photo collages and is enhanced (in Apple Books) with videos, music, and a pop-up glossary linked by month.



Subway Sounds takes readers on an underground adventure—with music, movement, colorful graphic design, animation, and vivid photography of the New York City subway system.

Kids explore how sounds, shapes, surfaces, and space give meaning to their experience of the city.

Made exclusively for Apple Books, this moving-picture book stimulates multiple senses at once, creating a unique synesthetic trip through urban space. 



In the heart of old Istanbul, a boy and his grandfather sell birdseed to travelers, who come from far away to explore the city and marvel at its beautiful mosques.

With Emre, we discover Istanbul through our senses: pigeons cooing in the square, ferryboats crossing the Bosphorus, Turkish crafts and foods, and Yeni Camii, the 350-year-old “New Mosque” at the center of community life.

The Bird Feeder of Istanbul features color photography, a glossary of Turkish and Arabic language terms, and is enhanced (in Apple Books) with sound and video.



“Adam McFaddom” was a high-school collaboration with the wonderful artist (and classmate) Michal Sparks.